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Tu’u Malohi Programme

“My son attended the Tu’u Malohi school holiday program, run by Tokotoko Solutions Ltd. Prior to this program, my son lacked a lot of confidence and did not interact much with other children except for his cousins. This was an ongoing battle for him and although he was playing sports outside of school, he was still quite reserved and extremely shy. It was very difficult for us as parents to get him to open or have the confidence to have a voice of his own.

When I was approached by Tokotoko regarding the program, I was unsure whether it would be suitable for my child as it was not really his thing. However, I thought it might do him some good being outside of his comfort zone. This decision completely changed both his and our lives for the best.

The first day of the program, my child came home, and he could not stop talking about how much fun he had and that he was so excited about the next day. We could not stop him from talking about his amazing day that he had with all the participants and the tutors. Our son was a different person and a happy one indeed. The changes in him became more noticeable as he attended the program. We noticed that he was on his phone chatting to his new friends and laughing a lot too. On their last day, we were invited along to share a meal with the children, staff and other parents. It was evident that the other parents were so proud of their children and how much they have bloomed into confident young men and women.

I can honestly say that the Tu’u Malohi program has impacted the life of my son in a positive way. My son is now vocal and is full of confidence. He has remained friends with other participants and all chat online, sharing about life and encouraging each other. The amazing staff at Tokotoko Solutions Ltd created a safe space for my son to be himself and to bring out the best in him. They invested their own time and energy to ensure that he received the best care and most of all giving him the opportunity to grow. I am forever grateful for the support
they gave my son and the ongoing support for us parents. They made us feel like family and we feel valued and respected. As a Pasifika mother, culture is very important to me and Tokotoko Solutions Ltd are culturally connected.” – Parent of young person